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..There's a little Samuel Pepys in all of us..

Saturday, August 29, 2009

It is undoubtedly true that at sometime during the demise of a great civilisation..perhaps 'transition' might be more apt, who has asked 'where did the ideals based on the benefit of the common man go?' At what point did the individual abrogate his status, to become a prole?
Perhaps it began in the sixties with the emergence of Guru's the likes of Leary and his ilk incited the bonfire of the vanities, but were we then too blind to see that while 'turn in, tune on, drop out' was a phenomena, and that the 'light at the end of the tunnel', as Hunter H Thompson ably expressed 'was simply not there..'
It became a lifestyle, spawning a generation with exceedingly few social barriers and precious little social skills, which in turn spawned an even more rebellious generation which has added to that list a lack of academic insomniacs..
More than 160 thousand British university candidates will be unable to find a seat this year. A result of overpopulation perhaps..? Last census has us at more than 61 million on these islands. Perhaps it's the result of 'dumbing down, lowering the learning curve, which has brought us here.
Regardless. There are literally those who have earned Masters Degrees who drive taxi in Glasgow. To what end a Degree these days?
Unemployment remains at record levels, and further redundancies and closures are expected in the very near future. Foreclosures have dipped, but was that not to be expected after the wheat was separated from the chaff. And it is questionable as to how long those smaller grains of wheat will last the waft of continuing diminishment of our manufacturing base..
And, lest it be forgotten, we have yet to feel even a zephyr from the Treasury on future plans to diminish the several hundred billion Pounds printed by the Mint, to bail out our floundered banking and loan system..Is indeed the 'black hole' the government is looking for, the average length of the collective memories of the British public..?
"Ahh look Margaret..tea's gone up 13p a box..Tsk tsk.. I'll put the kettle on..".
Petrol at £1.03 a litre..
Bread at £1.30 a loaf.
Gods alone know what a seasons ticket for ManFC goes for these days...
Now, this gloomy picture, which is undoubtedly equally applicable in any other country has been presented for one purpose, and one alone.
A recent series reports on the BBC, the other television outlets, the press and radio, have jumped on a .7% increase in our projected GNP for last month, and announcing 'there are signs the recession is easing'.
Now they're just blatantly lying to us.
Where have the billions of Pounds been spent by those facing imminent collapse? Why is it not in circulation?
It is a practical given the Labour Party will suffer an overwhelming defeat in the next election, but economic plans must be set in place by the new Conservative Government that tie us in..allow the man on the hear in plain English how long this debt is amortized over.. what it's cost is going to be to the individual.. what exigencies exist for restarting British export manufacturing.. and when, if ever, can they expect to see an expanding job market.
While it is of overwhelming importance to us how fares the United States inder Barak, but it is of immesurably of more importance to we know what we, individually, can expect.
One would expect the gnomes are cackling to themselves, quietly, somewhere.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

It is curious, what brings one back to the need to record one's thoughts..
Financial matters are essentially irrelevant these days, with it all based on these astronomical cash injections which, by the way, have yet to filter down to the record numbers of those unemployed or disposessed..
The war.. or wars.. continue ceaselessly, as they always shall..
It's as though we're caught in a limbo of ambivalence these days.. Those suffering minor hardships not really having to tighten more than a notch or two, while those becoming acclimatised to being unemployed, are learning to use the system to maintain a standard of living, while definately lower than that they enjoyed before, still sufficient to pay for a week in the Maldives if the pennies are watched..
Britain is perhaps unique in it's social structure. The defined lines are traditional, and what's more, generally respected.
We're reknown for our expertise at cuing.
But how criminally negligent is it for a government sinking in debt..struggling to maintain essential services.. to even offer an idiotic 'ray of hope', as to announce 'the recession is ever in Britain'.
How stupid do they think we are?
I reference a BBC report :
A good laugh is always welcome.. and this is spin worthy of Peter Mandelson.

It is a source of constant surprise, that we have accepted the government as the arbiter of that which we can or cannot take, in the way of intoxicants. How we have been told there is one, and only one substance that we may use to alter our states of conciousness, and that is of course, alcohol
Man made legal highs the likes of GBL and BZP, synthetic cannabinoids in effect, have become the latest target of our Big Brother, and will, according to the authorities, be classed among the 'B' drugs.
One again must question the value of the organised crime lobby on government legislators.
And once again we must examine those who propagate anti-drug legislation and their standards of discernment versus ingrained ignorance.

Sunday, August 09, 2009

They say, 'a change is as good as a rest'..
They lie.
A rest is seven weeks in the sun, in Jamaica.
More, later.

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