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Monday, September 21, 2015

This morning, we have the news that Britain is establishing increased economic activity with the Peoples Republic of China.. and this has raised some eyebrows and prompted discussion of what the implications of doing business with a 'Communist' regime might be..
And it struck me, that we in fact no longer live in a world divided by geographical boundaries, but rather in a world governed by economics. The Chinese will be involved in the building of a new nuclear reactor for us.. a design of their own. They hope to develop a worldwide market for their reactors, indicating they're less interested in ideology and it's spread worldwide, but more interested in industry, and it's saleability.
It seems that we have created a worldwide community dependant on the free flow of ideas and development, and while we still struggle with all this religious nonsense and the terror accompanying it, we are moving away from the mindset that 'faith' is a good reason to go to war. In fact, the only region supplying men and women willing to kill or be killed to support their religious ideas is the Middle East.. or, to be more precise, the Muslim populations around the world..
If we can only mature enough, this too may end. 

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