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Thursday, March 29, 2012

For those old enough to remember rationing, following the Second World War, the scenes at petrol stations across southern England will be reminded of the interminable queues they themselves endured for food..
This time, it's gasoline. With Unite members threatening strike action from petrol haulers over the Easter holiday, thousand, literally thousands, of cars are lining up to fill their tanks. The problem has reached such a level, that Dorset Police have asked Petrol stations to close, because those lining up on the roads are becoming a hazard.
Now, Labour's Ed Milliband has called this a catastrophic blunder by the coalition government.. saying the Conservatives in particular, are to blame for their tax regimen on gasoline. Yet, oddly enough, one BP station which is suffering lines and lines of cars, is charging some 5p a liter less, than a Texaco just down the road, which is not being mobbed by motorists. This would suggest that the Gas Companies themselves have some leeway in adjusting their prices.
Since 2010, the price of petrol has risen from an average of £1.10/liter, to today's £1.53.. £1.60 for diesel. It must be said that this is a direct response to increased VAT, but this, again, is part of the austerity program the LibDems and the Conservatives wrote out to bring this island back on an even economic keel.
Just whether these plans are having any effect is moot.. one economic think tank claims this morning that we're back into 'recession'.
A disturbing development in all of this, is the 'news' being broadcast.. we're not being given the whole picture, nor are be being informed of the long range plans to end this virtual collapse of the EU, and what markets we here are developing to replace those in Europe who will certainly face 'bankrupt governments' in the not so distant future..
This petrol panic is only the beginning of what may prove to be a long, hot, summer.
More later.

Monday, March 26, 2012

It begs the question.. What does Barack Obama know, that we don't..?
Caught with the old 'open mike' ploy, the President's private comments to Russia's Prime Minister Medvedev indicated some assurance that while this next term would be his last, he would come through this upcoming election..
That would be an historical oddity, all considered..
Be that as it may, it would seem Barack is planning on a 'more flexible relationship' with the Russians..
Perhaps plans to re-establish relations with Cuba are on the cards as well..
And projections lead one to believe American unemployment figures will not bring welcome news..
The mind boggles.. Not with what might be, but what at least one man believes will be..
It's as though the long-touted 'back-room boys' have dismissed Mitt Romney.. It might well be remembered that Mitt took a failing venture, the Salt Lake City 2002 Olympics after scandal left the games on the brink of disaster.. The challenge of the games was confounded after the events of 9/11 complicated security precautions, but Romney and his team re-evaluated budgets, attracted new donors and pulled off a successful Winter Games..
Mind you, the same might be said for Boris Johnson..

And, with Easter just more than a week away, the fuel truckers are threatening to walk away from their rigs.. and that, while their on the highway over the Easter holiday..
Petrol prices are ridiculous.. that's a given..
Diesel's even more expensive..
But it will be difficult for the average Brit, who find himself stuck in a tailback fifteen miles deep while trying to make it to Gran's for an Easter roast, to rejoice in the inequality exposed by the act of civil disobedience..
Now the Trade Unions have traditionally supported The LibDems, but dissatisfaction with the direction the Party has taken while harnessed to the Tories has prompted a slight direction shift towards Labour.. and that Party, at least in one poll, currently stands 10 points above the Conservatives at 43%.. So now Ed Miliband finds himself behind the eight ball.. Does he condemn the strike, or does he support it..?
Pessimistic estimates warn that as many as 90% of forecourts.. gas stations.. will run dry before the great migration home..
That's the way to increase public awareness..
One must never underestimate either the cunning, or the overall stupidity, of elected officials.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It is something of a surprise to learn from our media, that our exports exceeded our imports over the months of December/January.. and many bankers and economic analysts are proclaiming this as a sign that we're reaching a balance which hopefully will bring our economy back on an even keel...
However, the facts for the man on the street is, that because of overwhelming rains in Scotland, leaving green crops to rot in the ground, and underwhelming rain in England, which has caused produce to wither on the vine so to speak, the price of vegetables, bread, and as a consequence most other commodities purchased in the weekly shopping, are going to rise.
This, coupled with unrelenting taxation on petrol, is pinching the average income to the point of creating the necessity for a family to have a double income..
Now, the banks have been pushed by the Central Bank to start a policy of offering mortgages with only a 5% equity deposit.. and one must seriously consider the wisdom of such a move. It was this trend which started the slide in the first place in the United States, and forced the bankruptcies of the now fabled Fannie Mae and Freddie Mack..
It might be well said these days.. that we're still being led by the nose to a false recovery by the machinations of our politico's.. Time will tell, but for those looking for a return to the 'good old days'.. it's not bloody likely.. Not in our lifetimes.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yet another dinner conversation.. This particular one revolving about 'conspiracies' and politics, a debate concerning 'those who pull the strings' in this world of ours..
Up sprang the old saws.. the Illuminati.. the Artichoke Club.. the Bilderberg group.. much of the old mumpsismus floated through the brandy and cigar stages of the meal..
It is a constant surprise.. that those of some intellect still believe there is a group, or groups, of the super-wealthy, who pull the government's of this world by the nose.. especially those who espouse claims of a 'Zionist Conspiracy'..

It was said that should Alex Salmond succeed in his push to remove Scotland from the Union, there would be a massive migration to either the south, or to countries Scots have traditionally emigrated to.. Canada, the US, Australia.. anywhere but this land which would surely fail should it go it on it's own..
Truthfully, it's the one plank in Salmond's platform that gives so many pause..
Eventually, the talk turned to 'who would replace him ?'..
And the answer is obvious. It matters not which Party is in power, be it Conservative, Labour, or New Democrat, they would all find themselves riding a log flume on a single tree, so to speak. A long fast journey with no control whatsoever.
For it matters not who stands on which side of the Chamber.. those 'in control' will have the same problems their predecessors had, the same economy, the same lack of foreign investment, the same dwindling foreign markets, the same dilemma's faced by any country, worldwide.. Any party seeking power these days, is looking to be fated the same as the Conservatives and LibDems in power today.
They're going to be toasted when first elected, then roasted when they, in due course, make decisions which will certainly prove unpopular, and those decisions must be made and implemented, if we are to survive in this horrendous economic climate.
This is not the era to seek political office, for those who would work to get you elected, will revile you when you 'betray' them by implementing inevitable austerity programs and raise taxes, yet again.
It's a lose/lose situation.

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