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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Yet another dinner conversation.. This particular one revolving about 'conspiracies' and politics, a debate concerning 'those who pull the strings' in this world of ours..
Up sprang the old saws.. the Illuminati.. the Artichoke Club.. the Bilderberg group.. much of the old mumpsismus floated through the brandy and cigar stages of the meal..
It is a constant surprise.. that those of some intellect still believe there is a group, or groups, of the super-wealthy, who pull the government's of this world by the nose.. especially those who espouse claims of a 'Zionist Conspiracy'..

It was said that should Alex Salmond succeed in his push to remove Scotland from the Union, there would be a massive migration to either the south, or to countries Scots have traditionally emigrated to.. Canada, the US, Australia.. anywhere but this land which would surely fail should it go it on it's own..
Truthfully, it's the one plank in Salmond's platform that gives so many pause..
Eventually, the talk turned to 'who would replace him ?'..
And the answer is obvious. It matters not which Party is in power, be it Conservative, Labour, or New Democrat, they would all find themselves riding a log flume on a single tree, so to speak. A long fast journey with no control whatsoever.
For it matters not who stands on which side of the Chamber.. those 'in control' will have the same problems their predecessors had, the same economy, the same lack of foreign investment, the same dwindling foreign markets, the same dilemma's faced by any country, worldwide.. Any party seeking power these days, is looking to be fated the same as the Conservatives and LibDems in power today.
They're going to be toasted when first elected, then roasted when they, in due course, make decisions which will certainly prove unpopular, and those decisions must be made and implemented, if we are to survive in this horrendous economic climate.
This is not the era to seek political office, for those who would work to get you elected, will revile you when you 'betray' them by implementing inevitable austerity programs and raise taxes, yet again.
It's a lose/lose situation.

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