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Thursday, July 10, 2008

Ahhh...what a world..
Iran has, in one sense like a child showing those who have been perceived as bullies that they've taken the Charles Atlas course, and just won't have sand kicked in it's face anymore, and in another, far sinister sense, demonstrated it has the capabilities to hit Tel Aviv..
And naturally, in Tel Aviv, this demonstration has... having come from a man who's vowed to 'wipe Israel from the map..', is cause for some consternation.
Couldn't have come at a better time either.. with the US labouring under a lame-duck Presidency, and the inevitable internal confusion that follows any change of power..
And the same picture in Britain.. with those in the Middle East almost certainly making plans to change their strategies for negotiations to deal with a Conservative government..
We know Israel has the capability to 'turn Iraq into rubble and desert'.. we were told so by their Defence Minister..
But then, what of the traditional enemies.. those who attacked again and again until 1966.. Will the United Arab League stand by and watch while one of it's members prepared for war..jihad.. and wonder if Israel is prepared for something pre-emptive..?
One wonders how long the Middle East would burn, if it were rendered radioactive..
But what type of madman would set such a process in motion..?

Economics.. now there's a topic for quite a bit of speculation..
How far down is 'bottom'..?

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