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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It would have been an oblique insult to the inteligence of my few regaular readers, to have wasted my time at the keyboard, and yours by taking the time to read it..
We are entering dangerous times..
The Chinese hold a susprisingly large stack of chips at this global table.. but the government's is busy dealing with internal problems at the moment.. and they have the luxury of having all the time in the world to look for a Western Society to fall into absolute chaos, should that be the outcome. Equally, they can sit it out..take care of domestic problems.. and still sit with a mammoth stack..
India's watching a prosperous outsourced business, with European and British companies bringing their call-centers home..
Woolies is closing, for gods sake!
In this country alone.. with a possible workforce of less than 40% of the population.. watching the unemployment figures hit the one million eight-hundred thousand level say the least.. frightening..
And who would have imagined the Pound Sterling would ever be close to parity with the Euro..
And the United States..
The auto industry.. the backbone of the country's domestic economy.. is begging for billions of $Am in bail-out money.. and with Barak's pledge to "see the automotive industry in the United States back on it's feet..with investment in new.. environmentally friendly..
The OPEC Nations.. watching their prices fall at one point to just over $5Am a barrel..recover to sit at the $49Am rate, which for the monent, seems to be the beam petrolium companies are walking..
Africa is in turmoil.. and a perpetual money pit..
The Thai Government managed to record a growth in their economy..must study the ins-and-outs of Thai political/economic system..
That note above was something of a lapsus calumni..
While one would not to present the idea, that these next few years will be instrumental in how we define 'governments'..
Whether our western financial wizards manage to create the aformentioned financial 'Black Hole' into which they can quietly shovel all this debt our various governments have committed us to for the foreseeable future..
Have faith..
This too shall pass..

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