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Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Things are looking bleaker for Mohammar.. a UN investigation says they've found evidence of crimes against humanity by government forces.. and these investigations are not all one sided.. the UN officials also accuse the 'freedom fighters' of war crimes..
But the bulk of the report condemns Gadaffi and his men, and once this conflict is settled, unless Mohammar reaches an internationally accepted deal to step down, he will find himself standing in the dock in the Hague.. along with Ratko..

And while on the subject of Ratko.. prosecutors have amended their charge sheets to speed up the prosecution of the former Serbian General.. Prosecutor Serge Brammertz said "The problem will not be the prosecution, we have our updated charge sheet ready, it will be a question of how long the defence needs to prepare their case."
He thanked the president of Serbia and the country's security services for the arrest of Mladic.. but he said the detention of another key war crimes suspect, former Croatian Serb leader Goran Hadzic, should go ahead "without further delay".
If this man is brought into custody, the EU could be looking at a new member State..

Now.. an exabyte is equal to one quintillion bytes. In 2004, global monthly internet traffic passed one exabyte for the first time.. Internet giant Cisco is predicting that by 2015.. global demand for the net will exceed 966 exabytes a year...
By that time.. 40% of us.. all of us.. will be online..

The latest from the Met Office, is that we've not had a drier Spring in a hundred years.. Some farmers are losing their crops, and there are fears that many foods will go up in price... and what with close to 5% inflation anyway.. that's the last thing this country needs..
And the Camping Countdown continues..

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