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Sunday, August 21, 2011

Reading a constantly changing national prospectus is a difficult game, at the best of times.. But when it comes to some issues, there appears to be consensus..
Issues the likes of the future of the Eurozone, and the single currency, usually will spark arguments pro and con.. but these days there are few who can find positive notes to sound concerning Continental economics..
Even when the leaders of the only two countries with a positive growth forecast.. those being Germany and France.. meet to discuss the possibility of 'Eurobond' issues..
Now that may well have been a misguided.. in fact a downright stupid.. attempt to raise money for a 'EuroBank'.. But, even though they may be trying..they have to face headlines lambasting 'The Fourth Reich'..
At this time, in this place, it's going to be a case of 'damned if you do.. damned if you don't..'..

Leaving Europe for a moment.. we have a President in the White House, who is frankly, the wrong man for the job..
Barack is not a 'war time President'.. He's not the type.. the personality.. to deal with this ongoing conflict in Afghanistan.. the economic meltdown at home.. unprecedented unemployment.. dissent even among those within his own Party on his domestic plans..
While he will address the nation early next month.. likely after Labour Day, which is the first Monday in September.. it's uncertain what policies he can bring into effect that will show results within the 15 months before Americans next exercise their franchise..
There are rumours of a 'Public Works Project'.. wherein the Federal Government would bear the lions share of wages paid to those presently among the unemployed to do maintenance work.. something along the lines of the old 'Three 'R's'.. a new slant on 'Relief, Recovery, and Reform'.. perhaps road reconstruction and repair..
This, coupled with a dash of Reaganomics.. supply-side.. buy American and be proud to do whatever you do..
If a University graduate can only find work as a bin man, then let him be the best bin man he can until there is refreshed demand for his particular speciality..
Barack's going to have to re-create the American work ethic.. reinstill American pride.. re-create the spirit immigrants brought with them to 'the new world'..
And that's a lot to expect to be conveyed in one television address.. or indeed in the 15 months he has left..
And it took a man the likes of FDR to make all the aspects of his 'New Deal' come into being.. and from what we've seen of Barack and his ability to fight for his programs so far.. the kindest that could be said is.. "He's no Franklin Delano Roosevelt.."

And while the job market for University graduates is still recruiting here.. The numbers leaving with their Higher results is at record levels..
And with A-level passes up for the 29th year running.. The overall pass rate is up slightly, but for the first time in 14 years there has been no increase in the total proportion getting A or A* grades.. Just over 27% of entries scored these grades, with a small rise in the proportion awarded A*..
Places at universities have become precious commodities.. especially when it's taken into consideration that those who miss out this year, will be looking at University fees increasing to between £9 thousand and £12 thousand a year.. From next year, many UK students will face tuition fees up to a maximum of £9,000 a year at English universities, compared with the present level of just over £3,000 a year..
Fees at Scottish Universities will not be affected..

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