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Thursday, November 08, 2012

It seemed to be an interesting pastime, following the course of the campaigns by Barack and The Oven Chip Man as they forged their way towards these elections just past.. But what was striking, was the lack of difference in their stances.
It was a choice of, as one voter put it, "the lesser of two evils"..
Being the election is now a thing of the past, we must now look at what lies ahead for the US. The next 4 years must see drastic changes to the social safety net system, foreign policy, relations between the White House and the various State Legislatures, and banking policies. But whether Barack will have any more success in this term than he had in his last, is moot. He still faces a constant uphill battle with the Senate and the House, and will in all likelyhood,  have no more success than he's already notched up.
It is singularly definitive, that the Markets in the US have lost ground since Tuesday last, for while a change to a Republican Administration may well have frightened a good number of investors, it's apparent retaining the Democrats has not encouraged much in the way of positivity.
While we in Europe suffer under our own weight of problems, many in the EU look to the US as a bellweather, and what they're hearing is not the resounding ringing of recovery, but the cracked sound of the Liberty Bell.

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