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Sunday, February 11, 2007

Here we go again...
George seems to be preparing yet another legacy to leave for his successor..
Accusing Iran of supplying Iraqi insurgents with weapons, could well be the precursor to a 'justified' armed response from the US, and if George can convice enough Americans that their sons and daughters are being killed by yet another Middle Eastern country, he might well pull it off..
The purpose would, on the surface, be obvious.
Many will say it's the old saw 'oil', and the protection of America's sources.
Many will say it's another step towards protecting the State of Israel, as the slow progress of finding a homeland for Palistinians continues.
But perhaps, what might be closer to the truth, is the drive George and his administration has, in pacifying those who pose a threat to the US itself.. those who will happily strap on a semtex vest, or carry a suitcase carrying a 'dirty bomb', who might manufacture these weapons in the US itself, and walk down a street in New York, or Washington, and kill as many Americans as possible.
It might also be a 'warning' to those who finance terrorism, while maintaining a 'friendly' relation with the States, the likes of Saudi Arabia, and the UAE, that Americans won't allow terrorism to taint the lives of the men and women on the streets of the US.
It's a scenario that is more than possible, the expansion of military action in the Levant..
And it's something that George himself would be more than willing to leave for his successor, and perhaps the next as well, to deal with.
As his father once so famously said back in 1992..."This will not stand.."
And, another factor which cannot be ignored, is that those American businesses which deal in the manufacture and sale of the weapons of war, will be kept in business, and that's always a plus for the GNP..
One can only hope that when Gordon Brown takes over for Tony in a few months time, he has the sense to slowly withdraw Britain from this endless conflict, while having the diplomatic ability to maintain our economic ties.
This may well be the greatest challenge a British Prime Minister has faced, since World War Two..
A ballancing act worthy of a circus artist..
Gordon Brown.. David Cameron, Sir Menzies Campbell.. it matters little who's in power... for matters of internal importance in Britain, will take a back seat until some resolution is reached.
We in this country are between a rock and a hard place, for we too have extensive dealings with the Saudi's, and other Middle Eastern countries, and call ill afford to lose their money.
So, forget the environment, forget the NHS, forget the growing homeless and the loss of industry to cheaper sources in the EU..
It will be the American agenda, and the growing hostilities between Russia and it's oil, and China, that will take precidence here for quite a while to come.
We here are reknown for our patience in standing in queues.

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