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Saturday, February 10, 2007

There has been a rather heated response from the British Muslim Community, following the arrests of nine men ten days ago, three of whom have been released, and six who have appeared in Westminster Magistrates Court and have been charged with a variety of crimes, all terror related..
Compounding the matter was the arrest of a Muslim Cleric yesterday, who stands accused of 'spreading hatred and inciting his followers to violence'..
Spokesmen for the Islamic Community have called Britain a 'Police State' for Muslims, an accusation that has been vehemently denied by Downing Street..
But it would appear that those still in custody, have been discovered with over 45 hundred exhibits which will link them to either planning a terrorist action, or of funding terrorists, or of actually being involved in carrying out an act of terrorism.. This is compelling, and whether the Muslim Community likes it or not, it appears to be a fact that there are those among them who are willing to kill innocents, to further their 'cause'.
It matters not, to the Judicial System, what the faith is of those who would plot to disrupt our way of life, or kill, for the sake of their religion.
If there were fanatical Anglicans, or Presbyterians, or Church of England zealots, they would be hunted down and charged. It just so happens there is an Islamic 'jihad' been called, and thus, the attention has fallen on them.
It is the responsibility of the Islamic faithfull themselves, to recognise those among them who are zealots, and follow the Law of the Land, and report them before they can do any harm. The Police are merely doing their job, and we cannot condemn them for seeking out those who have openly, or covertly, proposed the downfall of this society.
Just as those in the Middle East would weed out any of those who's faith demanded an end to Islam, so we in the West must do the same to those who pose a threat to us.
The most important factor for those who live in Britain, should be that they are British, and enjoy the privilages that go along with that citizenship. In this country, 'faith' is a secondary consideration when it comes to breaking the Law.
A crime against this society, regardless of it's motivation, is still a crime.
A crime against this society, regardless of the religious affiliation of the perpetrator, is still a crime.
Britain has not become a 'Police State' as far as Muslims are concerned, but it has always been one which defines the Law, and proceeds against those who plan, or manage to actually break it.
Consider, our jails are full of non-Muslims who have broken the Law, committing one crime or another.
It is nonsense to declare that we, as a country, are now concentrating our vigilance on one segment of society.
A statement such as that might well be uttered by those who deal in drugs, or habitually commit murder, and to lower those who follow a faith to that level, is not the voice of reason, but the voice of fear.
And, if one follows the Law, one usually has nothing to fear. It is true that those three who were held without charge, and then released, have for the time being been deemed innocent, but the reason for their initial arrest, was the company they kept, and the possible threat they may have been concealing.
The message is, without prejudice, that if you lie with dogs, you smell like dogs, and until it's determined you pose no threat, you run the risk of being thought a dog.
Once again, as has been said before, there are those among the Islamic Community who should take the responsibility expected of a British citizen, and make moves to protect our way of life.
Tolerance is a two sided issue.

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