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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A brief note here on Gordon.
To the surprise of many, he's doing quite well, and while the latest polls would seem to rule out an early election call, Labour and Tory appear, at the worst, even in the eyes of the public..
But Gordon's crowning achievement to date, was his meeting with President Bush and the following media conference afterwards.
Gordon answered that which he was asked succinctly, with no indication whatsoever that he would be George's 'poodle'. He was articulate, where George was occasionally at a total loss for words. He brought up a list of topics which he and George had talked about, while George seemed intent on keeping the focus on Iraq.
If there is any criticism of Gordon which could be made, it's his annoying habit of dropping his jaw at the end of a thought, as though he was taking a lungfull before starting off again..
There is a growing awareness here, that Gordon's verson of 'New Labour' is going to be surprisingly like 'old Conservativism'.. He has said himself, that the legacy of the Thatcher years should not be forgotten..
And along with this trend within Labour, we're seeing the Tories leaning more and more to the right, which quite frankly, they should be.
David's suggestion concerning education, wherein students who have not achieved the basics of Primary Education, should be held back a year, hearkens back to the 50's and the 60's.. a time where one's abilities were assessed, and suitable training supplied to those who are simply not meant for a Masters Degree, but more towards qualification as a Master Machinist.
It's an attitude which will undoubtably be labeled as 'elitist', but which might be better described as 'realistic'.
If David and Gordon continue with their construction of a platform along the lines of that which has been said and done of late, we could find ourselves indeed facing a dilemma when next it comes time to go to the polls.
That, of having to choose between two 'good' politicians..

And a final word.
Lucianno Pavarotti is in an Italian hospital, and it may well be that we'll not walk out again. And thus will pass one of the greatest voices in the history of the artform.
One wishes the best, for the best.

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