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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A number of points spanning these past few days..
Perhaps the most astouding news has come this morning.. wherein a DNA sample should be taken from every British citizen, and indeed, from all those who enter this country, even as simple tourists.
Lord Justice Sedley says the current England and Wales database, which holds DNA from crime suspects and scenes, was "indefensible"..adding it would be fairer to include "everybody, guilty or innocent" on it.
Brings to mind the statement from the Bishop of Citee during the Albigensian Crusade, when asked who should die in the City of Beziers, replied "Kill them all, God will know his own.."
Now there are those who will justify this proposed expansion of the DNA Database while pointing to this mornings arrests in Germany.. two Germans and a Turkish man charged under the Terrorism Act in connection with alleged plans to blow up Ramstein Air Force Base, and Frankfurt Airport..
There are those who say, again, that it's an abrogation of an unimportant freedom, to supply those in charge of our security with the DNA.. That if even one bombing is stopped, then we have created a 'safer system'.
Now, while the Government insists it has no plans to institute such a system, it has 'welcomed' Lord Justice Sedley's input, and will consider his arguments.
Consider though, that Britain already has the largest DNA Database in the world.. and this country is walking a slow, but sure path towards an entirely legislated lifestyle..
It seems to be the fashion these days, throughout the world, to give up one's individuality.. to align oneself to a 'cause', with all the fervour our ancestors reserved for their 'faith'..
A somewhat frightening prospect for our children's children's children..

And much the same continues in the Middle East.. Little has changed over the past few days, but for George's pointed remarks aimed at Iran..
It was a week ago George ramped up the war of words between the US and Iran, accusing Tehran of threatening to place the Middle East under the shadow of a nuclear holocaust and revealing that he had authorised US military commanders in Iraq to "confront Tehran's murderous activities".
In a speech designed to shore up US public opinion behind his unpopular strategy in Iraq, George reserved his strongest words for the regime of Ahmadinejad, which he accused of openly supporting violent forces within Iraq.
Iran, he said, was responsible for training extremist Shia factions...supplying them with weapons, including sophisticated roadside bombs.
Iran, of course, has denied all these accusations.
And of course, while Gordon insists the withdrawal of British troops from Basra itself out to the edge of the city is not a 'retreat'.. there appears to have been some resentment demonstrated by American sources..
But the fact is, that Britain has fulfilled it's mandate in the area.. has managed to put an Iraqi infrastructure in place, and will maintain a 'rapid deployment force' to assist, when needed..
It is perhaps regretable, some of the remarks made by a couple of British Generals, Mike Jackson in particular, who have expressed the opinion the American invasion plans were basically flawed.. not having taken into account the persistent resistance of the Islamic militants..
It could well be to al Q'aeda's advantage to allow the Basra area.. the south of the country, remain peacefull, and to expedite the removal of British troops. It would allow a concentrated effort against those American forces remaining in Baghdad ..Karballah.. the north.. while establishing a geographical division between Shia and Shi'ite..
There have been plausible arguments which would indicate the US is in for the long haul in Iraq.. 30 years has been tossed around..

And while it may well be perhaps the most politically incorrect stance yet taken by Tory Leader David Cameron, we can only applaud his announcement that perhaps those students who are set to leave Primary Schools, and are found wanting in the basics of an education.. lacking in skills in English, Maths, Sciences.. should be made to repeat their year..
And while there has been the expected barrage of outraged response by those more concerned with the 'self esteem' of those left behind, with accompanying comments to the effect that 'failing will hardly be an incentive for students to attend classes..' it is time we gave up on this pipedream that school is a 'right'..
The argument might be made, that education itself is an opportunity which should be offered to all, but David's comments seem to indicate that we're returning to an understanding that not all are created equal.. That some are not meant for University.. that a trade can be exceedingly lucrative, and those with talents which may not include the ability to digest a formal classical education, should be steered towards the development of the talents they do posess..
It is a truism.. that 'people will rise to the height of their incompetence'..
Steven Hawkins would make a terrible plumber..

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