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Tuesday, June 03, 2008

An incredible testament to the importance of the picture as a whole, these past months..
Western governments literally throwing pennies to the crowd.. both the US and Britain floundering in an economic spiral..
The individual, once secure in the illusion of an adequate income face-to-face with the reality of debt.. the panic which becomes an underlying fact of life ..dictating
an almost surreal view of how their lifestyles are going to change..
Much the same as that faced by any government.. pick one..
And therein the problem. This is not an Okie Migration during the Depression and the dust bowl which prompted it.. This is pandemic..
We have an American election looming over us, with the Party everyone wants out of power, demonstrating the the entire electorate they they are, united, with a plan in hand for a single term with McCain at the helm.. which would deal with the gaffes and doubtful decisions which have put the country in dire straights.. Four more years, to effect the measures needed to bring the country back on line.
But then, we have the absurdity of the first African American candidate fighting it out with the first female candidate for the Democratic nomination..
If memory serves, it was quite a while ago that it was proposed here, that perhaps it would be an Obama/Clinton ticket for the Democrats..
Then again..after this race, which it would appear will be won by Barak Obama, it might well be neither will want to be that close to the other.
But, if the American voter is looking for stability.. for an experienced, older hand on the helm.. McCain's going to take the final ballot..
Will the Republicans, working on what will admittedly be a four year plan, and aided by the essential conservatism of the American voter when the choice is either a black man or a woman, manage one more swing of the bat?
Or will the disillusionment factor, which cannot be ignored, usher in a new era in American politics?

Oil. One can only say, outrageous but expected.
Gold. Ibid.
Foreclosures. Ibid.
House prices falling like stones, and the drying-up of credit. Ibid.

To end for the now, this upcoming vote on the extension to the length of time police can detain a suspect under the terms and conditions of the Terrorism Act, is of great importance to Gordon. There stands a good chance 50 or more of his own Party will vote their conscience, and that Gordon's Bill will be defeated.
But while this demonstrates what would appear to be minor murmurings throughout the back benches, that Gordon's performance has taken Labour to new lows and a new face might improve their chances.. it's no more than a tempest in a teapot.
Again, this Bill is important to Gordon, but it's not a Vote of Non-Confidence.
It's defeat would only underline the recent swing towards David and his Tories.
Crewe and Nantwitch! Unthinkable!

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