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Thursday, June 12, 2008

"My wife says I'm bonkers, but I must make a stand"..
So announced Shadow Home Secretary David Davis as he resigned his Seat today, to protest what he calls 'the erosion of civil liberties' following the passing of the Terrorist Detention Bill..
Now some are saying this is a brave gesture.. to put his membership in the Commons on the line to underscore his dismay as the government takes just a bit more away from the British man-on-the-street..
Others say it's a publicity stunt.. one designed to demonstrate that at least those in his constituency stood behind his stance against the 42 day detention plan..
However, Labour has already announced they will not stand a candidate in this by-election.. the LibDems have done the same.. and it would appear that David will return to his Seat unopposed..
Takes the edge off the gesture, really..

And yet another sign George is losing power and influence, with the Supreme Court's decision that those detained at Gitmo, have the right to challenge their detention in Civil Courts.. The decision was close.. five for, four against.. But it's left George in yet another bind..
This could cause a legal quagmire, with one of those detainees, alleged to be a ringleader within al Q'aeda, in a military court..
What rights will these foreign citizens have, in an American Court? What will happen to Gitmo itself, and to those being held there.. where will they be transferred to?
Will some detainees find themselves close to immediate release, simply because of the manner in which they've been held..?
Another of the issues which will ultimately be left to the next Administration to resolve..

And let's stay with Zimbabwe.. examine what we allow..
Tendai Biti, the Secretary General of the Movement for Democratic Change,the MDC. returned from a trip to South Africa to be arrested immediately, and will be charged with Treason.. He's facing the death penalty, for his vehement criticism of Robert Mugabe's regime
MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai, who faces President Robert Mugabe in a 27 June run-off poll, was arrested twice again today..
There are obvious signs the military, under the control of Mugabe, will play a major part in the upcoming sham of a run-off election..
But, it would be interfering with the internal matters of a Sovereign Nation for the West to intervene.
We never would accept that..

Two more items to ponder..
The first to be filed for future reference.. That the UK has completed it's satellite system.. SkyNet.. designed to improve military communications, to make communications between the three branches of the military to co-ordinate and integrate their Intelligence..
Kind us makes us the westernmost point in the Geopolitical map, of the group collectively as 'The West'..

And.. It seems the Saudi's are going to actually spend some of the Foreign Reserves of currency, as King Abdulla unveiled a plan which will see six major developments built over the next 15 years.. the largest to be built just north of Jeddah, to be named 'King Abdullah Economic City'..
Seems the Saudis are starting to plan for the future.. with revenues at a ridiculous $1billionUS a day, it would seem the issues of education, social welfare, diversification of the country's economic base, a population boom.. with 40% of Saudis under the age of 15, it has been decided they should be trained, educated, at standards acceptable to worldwide standards..
It's amazing what distance Saudi Arabia has come since the dissolution of the Ottoman Empire.. and what they can now afford to do with the money their various markets have provided..
One would wager highly that Gordon would trade his soul, for the contents of the Saudi Treasury..
George as well, for that matter..

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