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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Five Labour MPs..count 'em..five have been banned by the party from standing at the next election as this newest chimera unleashed upon the British public..
Now these five have been tossed because they have admitted to 'questionable claims on their Parliamentary expenses..
A number of Tory MPs have been forced to stand down at the next election because of their conduct...
Is it possible that in this day and age we still expect our politicians to be pure as Caesars wife.. It is, as has long been tradition, for those in power to benefit, within reason, slightly in excess of what's paid them..
Considering the state of the world's economy.. one would think the media would be pressing Ministers on their plans for the next session, with the Summer Standing so near to hand, to reassure us things will simply float along while unemployment rises constantly..that there are as many shops closed along the High Street than there are open for business.. that our steel industry is teetering on the edge and BA has asked it's employees, including the CEO, work for a month for free..
The pandemic just wasn't enough.. too few people died..
How much longer can this financial tripe keep the tabloids busy..
the issue of whether Gordon shop step down.. how long can this political spin last..?
Until perhaps, the House stands down..?

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