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Friday, June 12, 2009

It's been a while since there's been anything of real importance, vis a vis the Game..
But of couple of brief mentions are due to one or two developments..
Aside from the obvious and terminal problems facing Gordon and his Party in General
And dismissing the continued worldwide financial collapse..
Disregarding the insidious spread of swine flu..
There's been some financial sleight of hand in the EU..
Latvia's managed to stave off official bankruptcy with some draconian cuts in their budget.. reducing old age pensions by 10% and cutting public sector salaries by 20%.. but they decided against increasing income taxes...
Parliament will vote on the changes next week.
Latvia's currency is pegged to the euro, but the recession has hit Latvia so badly that many are of the mind it will have to devalue the lat..
Thus it begins. There are now 23 countries in the EU, not all tied to to the Euro though..and one has a distance feeling the 'til now relatively discrete voices in the 'old EU' will get louder over the next year or two..
Latvia's desperate measures were prompted by the absolute necessity of reducing it's deficit to qualify fr its next instalment of it's EU bail out funds, due in December.
Not the time to be a pensioner living it Latvia..
It gets cold there, even now, and heating oil or gas is certainly not cheap..
Ahhh.. the glory of an unified democratic Europe..

An interesting point made by the director general of the CBI.. Richard Lambert told the annual meeting of business leaders that the financial problems swamping the nation appear to have become less important in the eye of Parliamentarians than their current preoccupation with MP's expenses and structural reforms dealing with the manner Parliament deals with the finances of individual MP's..
While reforms are indeed needed, it is simply not the time for this tripe. There are far more pressing issues to be dealt with..

Now, is this how Barack's going to deal with his closest allies..
It's raises many an eyebrow down at the local, when it was discovered the American President.. in line with his promise to close Guantanamo Bay.. simply transferred 4 inmate to a compound In Bermuda..
Without informing number Ten or indeed, even the Foreign Office.
Bermuda is still officially a British Protectorate..
So what Barack has done, is effectively put those transferred detainees into British custody..
Not on the square, that..

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