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Wednesday, April 04, 2012

One has to wonder what is happening behind closed doors as far as 'justice' is concerned in this country.. Now we're all aware of the obscene powers handed the Homeland Security authorities in the States, but developments here as proposed by the Prime Minister, would allow for closed hearings for those accused of breaches of national security..
For once, the LibDems have voiced outrage at such plans, but it would seem this system of trial has been in effect for some time now, and the Prime Minister is merely trying to broaden the scope of this infringement of basic civil rights..
These trials have been called, to this point, 'closed procedures', in which the accused is appointed a special defender, and refused the right to their own choice of lawyer.. Justice Secretary Ken Clarke said proposals were "a common-sense solution to a genuine problem".. But from this perspective, it smacks of a Star Chamber, and is diametrically opposed to British Common Law.. The LibDem leader, Nick Clegg, is insisting that the powers cannot apply to coroners’ courts and that judges, not ministers, must have the final say on whether they apply in a small number of civil proceedings..
To take one step further, such proceedings should never be allowed, regardless of what the government might claim to be in the interest of National Security.
To take any other stance, would be opening the door to 'back-room trials', in which defendants would lose their right to a 'fair and open trial'.
Unacceptable, under any circumstance.

Disregarding Barack's 'open mike' disclosures of a couple of days ago, Mitt Romney has taken a stride closer to the Republican presidential nomination by winning primaries in Wisconsin, Maryland and Washington DC..
Apparently he hasn't been told the outcome of the next election is a fait accompli..

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