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..There's a little Samuel Pepys in all of us..

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

The 'stiff upper lip' those on this island are known for, may soon begin to tremble, just a bit.. Following the news that we had slipped back into recession, come figures today which show the rate of inflation is up to 3.5%, a figure which will impact all, but most of all those on fixed incomes.
It's the price of a weekly shopping which has bumped it's way up, and up, and up.. and with the losses incurred in countries the likes of Spain and France over the last harvest, there seems to be little hope for a return to 'normalcy' for us..
When we factor in the cost of fuel, both for home heating and transportation, we find that we here are paying the highest rates in Europe. This has, in some large part, the rates the government peels off the top in taxes.. but our leaders, whether considered competent or incompetent, have set us on a path which will, hopefully, avoid the problems currently affecting those on the Continent..
Yet it can be seen in the faces of those on the busses or trains, or those queuing for petrol.. there is a resentment beginning to show.. a line between the eyebrows which was not present some months ago..
However, as the much maligned Machiavelli points out in 'The Prince', a State which claims to be a democracy will always lay the blame for difficult times on those in power, whether or not that blame is deserved.. The simple fact bears repeating, that it would matter little which Party held the reins.. that which keeps the ship of state on an even keel is in large part dependent on the state of affairs current with our trading partners..
And when it comes to the larger picture, we're all in the same boat..
And it's leaking badly.. with no safe harbour in sight..

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