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Thursday, May 03, 2012

Ahhhh.. one can always count on the French to bring a smile..
President Sarkozy faced off in fine style with his opponent in Sunday's run-off vote, Francois Hollande..
It was only missing the commentary usually heard at big-time wrestling matches..
 Sarkozy fired the label "little slanderer" at Hollande.. Hollande countered with an inside blow saying Sarkozy ran from his responsibilities.. Sarkozy defended his financial policies, saying he kept the country out of recession.. Hollande said 'nonsense..the country's going through a serious crisis and can't attract foreign investment..
Tell the truth, it could have been an exchange heard in any of the EU member countries.. Britain included..

It seems somewhat odd that we're hearing less and less about the upcoming American Presidential elections.. It's almost as though those editing our papers and newscasts don't think it has any importance, in light of what we're facing over here..
It takes a bit of digging to keep abreast of Barack's second whack at the pinata..

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