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..There's a little Samuel Pepys in all of us..

Thursday, May 24, 2012

It has been said recently that the most toxic drug available to today's youth, indeed to the general population, is mass media. There are cogent arguments to defend this stance.. we are selectively fed the news which will direct us, either emotionally or physically, towards a certain end.
To wit.. the number of television programs developed over the past couple of years dealing with the supernatural.. Not merely confined to spectres or ghosts, these include 'superhero's' long confined to the pulp paper of comic books.. or if you will, 'graphic novels'..
And the hero, while finding him/herself in perilous situations, always wins..
It's as though we're being prepared to endure unusually hard times, with the strength one would expect from a taciturn Batman, or an indefatigable Superman; with stolid faith that by our endurance, our sacrifice, we will endure..
While it has always been, that we have been misled, even blatantly lied to by those 'in control'.. it is disturbing that we are being presented with basically the same tripe that our ancestors put their children to bed with.. entertained and informed by those bogymen who walked the imaginations of those millennia..
A disturbing trend, aimed at the lowest common denominator, and having some great deal of success..

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