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Friday, July 15, 2011

Rupert Murdoch issued a series of abject apologies and heralded sweeping changes to his newspaper business today as he sought to repair the damage of the phone-hacking scandal.. This dog and pony show could play out for quite a while, as the individual players in the police investigation come to light.. There are webs within webs.. from those junior reporters who're desperate for the recognition.. to the Senor Editors who passed unsubstantiated 'facts' into front page poetry..
And while it had appeared she would stand for at least a couple of weeks.. Rebekah Brooks became the highest casualty yet in a growing clearout of Senior Executives when Murdoch accepted her offer to resign as Chief Executive of News International..
Rupert really wants control of BSkyB.. bad enough to grovel before the public in general..
Including a repentant Rupert Murdoch, the News Corporation Chairman and Chief Executive.. requesting a meeting with the family of Milly Dowler.. and told them the hacking of their murdered daughter’s phone shamed his family name..
“He apologised many times,” said Mark Lewis, the Dowler family’s lawyer. “I don’t think anybody could have held their head in their hands so many times.”
National newspapers are carrying a full-page advert tomorrow morning signed by Mr Murdoch in which he admits for the first time that News International had been left flat-footed by the crisis that has engulfed it over the past two weeks..
“We regret not acting faster to sort things out,” it reads.. Murdoch also declares he is sorry for the “serious wrongdoing” at the News of the World and for the hurt suffered by individuals affected..
He will be substantially hit.. when the civil court cases come before News Iternational's team of lawyers..

Barack's challenged Congress today, to put the country on the right fiscal footing for decades to come by slashing spending.. and increasing revenue as part of a package to raise the nation's $14.3 trillion debt limit..
In a news conference at the White House after five days of often-tense closed-door talks with congressional leaders.. Obama said there is still time to put together a "big deal" to solve the nation's debt and deficits problem for the long term.. and raise the debt ceiling before the August 2d deadline imposed by the Treasury Department..
He cautioned, however, that time is running short to avoid the first government default on its loans.. putting the US on a level with Greece.. 'junk' bonds.. the largest economy in the world.. seems oxymoronic.. something Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke and a host of economists have warned would be catastrophic.. Obama said he is asking leaders to come up with a solution before the end of the weekend...
At issue: Democrats want a deal in which trillions of dollars in spending cuts are accompanied by new revenue through ending tax breaks for big oil companies and similar measures..
"The American people are sold" on a plan that would do both, Obama said.. "The problem is that members of Congress are dug in ideologically.."..
Not that the consideration has not been taken by both.. that by raising a thirteen trillion borrowing limit.. one delays the necessity of the next loan, and the next, and the next..
We're living in a definite downward spiral..
And while it may be overstating the obvious, nothing short of a New World Order.. empowered within a Union in which there would needs be an agreed accord.. with each country voting on a representation by population and by GNP.. A modified United Nations..
As for the ongoing talks..
"If they show me a serious plan, I'm ready to move," Obama said..
An inportant word left out of that soundbite.. "fast.." Odd such an important words makes it's effect felt by it's absence..

Thousands of Egyptians, increasingly upset with their interim military rulers.. rallied Friday in the nation's two largest cities.. ringing a security building with chants of.. "Oh police, you are thugs".. and demanding trials for police officers suspected in the killing of hundreds of activists in the uprising that brought down Hosni Mubarak..
Organizers of the protests, billed as the "Friday of Last Warning," said soaring temperatures were keeping many people away, but noted that in recent days, crowds have swelled after sunset.. The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's best-organized political group, did not attend..
For the past week, hundreds of hardcore activists have camped out at Cairo's Tahrir Square, birthplace of the 18-day popular uprising that ousted Mubarak on the 11th of February.. Their main demand is that the military council which took over after the uprising.. purge all remnants of the Mubarak regime.. and get on with the institution of public elections..
"We want to cleanse the country's institution.." one of the demonstrators, standing on a stage in a corner of the square and holding a microphone, told a group nearby.. "Until we see the government officials talking to the protesors in Tahrir, we will not leave this place.." This pledge, has a familiar ring to it..
"Bread.. freedom.. and social justice.." he chanted..
Simple enought demands to be met, one would think..

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