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..There's a little Samuel Pepys in all of us..

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Taking into account the political and economic clout the Chinese weigh in as the second largest economy, it was a bold move for Barack to meet with the Dalai Lama.. Obama told the Tibetan Leader of his "strong support" for human rights in Tibet..
A move the Chinese are vehemently opposed to.. Beijing released an angry statement saying the meeting had damaged relations between the two countries..
One of the main problems, is keeping China's reserves of American Bonds stable.. What with the US facing it's first possibility of devaluation and defaults.. And while not to be all doom and gloom..
Asian Markets have reflected the disarray in the West.. one can be sure analysts are in the West burning the midnight oil.. Paring away at the smallest issues possible without seeming to give away traditional.. entrenched.. issues..
It's been long day.. and a longer poised for tomorrow..

Once again, the media, and especially Rupert Murdock will once again find himself under the harrow for yellow journalism.. for theft.. for bribery..
And not in the least significant effect .. are the immediate losses some 200 writers, Editors, some whose names may have never been besmirched by any impropriety whatsoever..
Just having 'The News of The World'on one's CV, is something that might prepare to defend..
This is certainly not a new trend.. I's been as common, and as lurid as hacks could make for centuries.. People have been wiping their backsides with the pages of Penny Awfulls for time immemmorial..
It's an odd trait of the Brits.. the French have their interminable affaires public for years..Same with the Italians.. and are able to put things into perspective, and deal with their peccadillo's.. their endless affairs are secondary to the job the man or Woman at the top is doing their job..
Perphaps it's our Calvanistic streak.. which allow us to snigger behind open hands, at those we consider 'icons'..
A sad case of 'hubris..
As Samuel Pope said.." A little learning's a dan'rours thing.. Drink deep or taste not the Pyerian Spring.. Where shalow draughts intoxicate the brain, But drinking largely sobers us again..

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