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Saturday, July 09, 2011

What’s in a name? An entire cultural and national identity if you are from Sudan’s oil-producing south..
The region of southern Sudan is now less than seven months away from a referendum on whether it should split away to form Africa’s newest country.. Already, foreign investors confidence of a smooth transition of power have brought some 33% increase in the bonds of the new country, and the same increase in oil leases yet to be negotiated..
While the story which sees most media attention is the plight of the hundreds of thousands who have fled from the violence.. the abuse.. the torture still being committed against those who have brought this change from a pipedream to a reality..
Seems one of the most pressing problems facing the new country, is what to call irself..
Juwama vs. the Nile Republic.. The simplest option would be to stick to what people call it now.. South Sudan or Southern Sudan..
But there are some serious branding issues.. Say “Sudan” to most outsides and they will immediately think of a list of nastiness.. Darfur... he never-ending north-south civil war.. military coups.. militancy and crippling debt..
But Sudan became the first state to recognise the independence of its oil-producing south Friday, smoothing the way for the division on Saturday of Africa's largest country into two.. but not dispelling fears of future tensions between them..
A new nation might be grateful for a new name with a clean slate..

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