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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Continuing today with yesterday's theme, let us look at Prime Minister David Cameron.
He is a graduate of Oxford, earning an MA in PPE (that is, Philosophy, Politics and Economics) in 1988. From there he became involved in politics immediately, as Special Advisor to Norman Lamont, the Chancellor of the Exchequer. Becoming tired of the hours he was putting in at the Commons, he left politics in 1994 to work for Carleton Communications as Director of Corporate Affairs.
But he was marked by the Conservative Party as an up-and-commer, and returned to serve as Member for Whitney in 2000, and moved through the ranks to become the youngest Prime Minister in over 180 years.
It's interesting to note, that while at Eton College, he was caught smoking cannabis.
Oh dear.
Little came of it though, the punishment amounting to writing 500 lines of Latin verse.
Seems that was a fitting end to the incident, at least in the eyes of the College.

Now once again, we have a case of a politician who knows the effects of cannabis on a first hand basis. Doubtless he, or his staff, have read the recent studies pertaining to the medicinal effects of cannabis, but who has made no move towards either removing the stigma surrounding the drug, or relaxing the Draconian legal prohibition of it.

It strikes a dissonant chord. A strong position against the legalization of medicinal marijuana would smack of base hypocrisy, yet thousands of Britons are languishing at Her Majesty's Pleasure for the simple 'crime' of cultivating for personal use. A significant demographic would see the laws in Briton change, yet the man leading our government appears oblivious to either the hue and cry being raised by proponents of the medicinal use of the plant or the evidence that would support such a change in legislation. That the man himself has used cannabis, albeit for recreational purposes, should give others who use the reasonable expectation that he would be sympathetic to their cause.

It is unacceptable that British citizens should be handed punitive fines or incarcerated for cannabis.

It is unacceptable that a significant segment of the population is marginalized.

It is unacceptable that recent medical studies are ignored by those who wield legislative power.

It is unacceptable. Period.

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