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Wednesday, October 02, 2013

There are times one has to take stock of what's going on around us in this tattered world of ours, and if a shred of sanity is evident, to focus on that and that alone. Mind you, finding that iota of sensibility might be beyond us at this point..
The US is shutting down. It's more than thirteen trillion dollars in debt, and can't meet the government payroll.. Britain is looking forward to a referendum just about this time next year, which could shatter the Union and establish Scotland as a separate entity.. The EU is gamely pushing on through an economic morass which several times has brought a number of it's member countries abegging to the IMF for bailout loans.. and that term is used figuratively because no-one in their right mind expects these accumulated debts to be repaid..
And it must be said, that we are still laboring under Calvinistic Laws which fill our gaols to overflowing for those serving sentences for cannabis offenses. And the idiocy of this stance against an herb, has criminalized a significant number of people who otherwise would no more commit an antisocial act than they would urinate on a public street.
As an MS sufferer, the palliative effects of cannabis are well known to this writer.. and the legion of people suffering from a plethora of debilitating diseases for which cannabis is a godsend can also testify to the properties of the plant. Yet we find ourselves dealing with organized crime on what can be a daily basis, to acquire an amount which could see us through a normal day.
This is an issue which should be treated with the same perspective as that taken by countries the likes of Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands, and even France for gods sake.. and it is time we stood and threw out preconceived and antiquated notions concerning cannabis and those who use it.
There is no such thing as 'Reefer Madness'. It is a myth propagated by those aiming at ending the growth of hemp as a cash crop for fear of what it might do to the lumber companies, and pharmaceutical groups.
I shall write more on this subject in the future, for it is an issue which could help to turn our world around.. medically.. and financially.
More to come. 

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