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Thursday, October 03, 2013

In the interests of continuing the argument for the legalization of cannabis and it's derivatives, it is of paramount importance that the reasons for the legislation be understood which, when passed, made the herb a criminal offence.

Let me direct the reader to of cannabis.. just run your mouse over the blank space following 'to'.

Might it be suggested that those who support the decriminalization of the herb start the process off by writing to their local MSP, or regional variation, to discover their personal stance on legislation that would end prosecutions for possession, cultivation, and eventual legalization.

Understanding the history of the Laws is paramount, if any cogent argument is to be launched proposing a repeal. It must be understood that to end Prohibition of Alcohol in the US, it took amending their Constitution. The process could well be as complex here in the UK, but could well be simpler if and when Scotland declares itself a separate country.

The first step, is to understand what brought us to this point. The second is to become at least as proactive as to ask those we will choose to govern us what they would, or could, do towards changing this abhorrent situation.

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