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Thursday, August 28, 2003

One mentioned previously.. a day for anniversaries.
The last time a British Prime Minister was called before a Parliamentary Investigation was nine years ago. At that time, John Major was asked to come along and answer some rather pointed questions for the Scott Inquiry, about the British role in clandestine sales of arms to, of all places, Iraq.
John was pushed to explain how embargo's so firmly set in place, could be so easily circumvented by arms dealers working out of the Home Counties..
It was not a pleasant experience, and not long after, Tony took over at No.10..
It's Tony's turn today.
As he himself said, 'it's a matter of trust'.
One is beginning to wonder at the clout the Hutton Inquiry itself might weild.. the questions and answers from those called so far, have been low-key, and dealing for the most part with the assignation of blame, for the pressure brought to bear on D. David Kelly, which may or may not to have led to what is being called his 'apparent suicide' some 7 weeks ago.. One wonders when some questions will arise, which will call for disclosure of someone else's name, and what that denoument might have for that, or those individuals involved...
Tony's under the gun.
But still, he and his have caused most of those who work, for what was thought to be the country's interests in the back rooms, to seriously consider the safety in being involved in thinktanks..
When the hand that feeds you, bites you..
We'll continue with this..

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