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Saturday, June 02, 2007

The business of violence is having a bumper week..
Lebanese troops have stepped up their efforts to dislodge al Fatah from a Palistinian refugee camp.. latest reports have a company of the rebel group cut off, and hiding in Mosques and private homes, much to the dismay of the owners, it must be added..
This promises to be profitable, with the leaders of al Fatah promising 'to fight to the last drop of blood'.. and the Lebanese government absolutely determined to wipe them out..
Meanwhile, back in Beruit, we have two rival Sunni groups.. residents of Amiriya in Baghdad have been joined by Sunni militants from nationalist groups to rid themselves of al-Qaeda fighters..
US forces have jumped at the chance to strike a deal with the groups less hostile to them.
The al-Qaeda group's severe interpretation of Islam, its use of foreign fighters and its brutality appear to be the main factors driving local hostility towards them..
And.. a US warship has carried out a missile attack on a Somali village. where Islamist militants are reported to have set up a base.
Somali officials said a remote village in the Puntland region was bombarded, days after foreign militants arrived.
American reports suggest the target was an al-Qaeda operative suspected of involvement in the 1998 bombings of US embassies in Kenya and Tanzania.
The strike would be at least the third by the US in Somali territory in 2007.
House to house fighting.. religious division with one sect picking off the others.. even a naval bombardment..
And all that, while it's business as usual in Darfur.. Afghanistan.. Iraq..Sri Lanka.. Tanzania.. ahh the list is literally endless..

Meanwhile, those who would protest the upcoming meeting of the G8 are in Rostock this afternoon.. At the moment, estimates are there are some 40 to 45 thousand proestors on the streets, but literally thousands more are appearing by the moment..
13 thousand police are on duty in this small town.. some 13 miles away from Heiligendamm, where the leaders will meet..
Many protesters have travelled to Rostock from all over Europe.. some by bicycle from Denmark, while others came in by train or bus.
Most protesters say they want to stage a peaceful demonstration to vent at G8 leaders...
To quote one protester.."It's very important people all over the world come and protest against the politics of G8, which actually refer to all people of the world, although they are driven from the high elite in the G8 countries," ..
They actually use citizens of the world and the environment of the world as their playground to achieve more money and endless power.."
Somewhat simplistic, but something must be done to light a fire under these leaders, or more pointedly, to their advisors, the importance of keeping their financial commitments.. and keeping these protesters happy..
To meet their commitment to Africa in particular, and the establishment of an international infrastructure for the distribution of the food and equipmment, of the educational opportunities..
Do this, and the wind is taken from the sails of many a protester..
Allow the release of more environmentally friendly cars..
Throw a few cookies..
Then.. the business of war, and governmental manipulation of the distribution of drugs throughout the world can continue.. the masses can be placated.. and profits will continue to rise..
The profit here being of course, clout..
This is one of the many meetings which decide who it is politically expedient to allow to starve.. to prosper..
Who will pledge to give the most while working with already stretched budgets built of a false economy.. and to whom with that be given..
Should be interesting.. carbon emissions.. economic aid.. trade subsidies and concessions..
And it wouldn't be a surprise if there were some mention as to how long China will be designated a 'deveoping nation'.. considering it's Trade Surplus with the US alone..
The 'Three Gorges Dam' is one hell of an engineering feat for a nation that's still getting exception from any carbon emissions whatsoever.. even taking the size of the job facing China, it has the treasury to pay for it all.. and certainly, the workers..

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