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Friday, June 29, 2007

While London Police search for those responsible for two car bombs discovered in London.. the British man on the street is, at least for the moment, quietly disturbed that terrorism.. car bombs and the like.. could well become a way of life in Britain..
This country and it's people are used to the loss of innocents in war.. the history of civilian deaths from the Second World War through the Northern Irish bombs of the past decade and more, have given us some experience with the damage extremists can cause..
But there is, with an escallation of attacks, foiled or not, a better than good chance that we will become more and more suspicious of those who refuse to integrate into this society. Those who have been allowed to come here, to estabish a safe lifestyle and have a chance at prosperity, will face a public that immediately doubts the true intent of their being here.
Again, this is what the terrorists want. A country divided by paranoia is one which cannot sustain a 'foreign' element.. and it's an attitude we have managed to avoid for the most part, throughout our history..
But car bombs..?
In London..?
None of us want the problems caused by extremism to raise it's abominable head in ones own back yard..

As for Gordon.. He has set his new Cabinet, and on the whole he's picked people who have either some talent, or who will agree with his stances unequivocably.
So far, nothing has changed whatsoever..
Not surprising, considering the legacy of domestic and foreign crises left to the new Prime Minister by the last.
However, there will soon come a time, when Gordon will have to step into the limelight, and make some changes that will at least give his Party a chance of forming the next government. Most of these changes will be of an internal nature.. dealing with the Post Office.. those who work for the NHS.. the possibility of Scottish cesession from the Union.. the issue of pensions and benefits..
But there are foreign issues Gordon will have to make a stand on as well.. the likes of the European Union and what role Britain will play in it's membership.. of course, the Iraq War, and how long we will continue to pour our men and resources into trying to establish some unity in a country which simply doesn't seem to want it..
Gordon's going to need to make his position clear, as to what relationship he will maintain with the US.. whether or not to keep the 'shoulder to shoulder' stance adopted by his predecessor.
But again, so far there has been little or nothing from No.10, that anything is going to change.. yet.. other than a sense that the status quo will do for the moment..
Time, is of the essence for Gordon. He must earn the trust of the British public, that will populartise his policies, in spite of his being Scottish, and in spite of his surrounding himself with Scottish Cabinet Members..
The country waits with 'bated breath, to see what Labour will do now the Blair Era is at an end..
And frankly, it had better be good, for David Cameron is a viable alternative..

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