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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

So much political noise these past days.. been difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff..
What with Vlad threatening to target European cities if the US continues to place nuclear arms in Eastern European countries... accusing the British of 'politicising' the poisoning of Alexander Litvenyenko..his having to deal with a Chinese government that is pulling farther and farther away from Moscow, and it's tenuous but traditional ties to common 'Communism'..
But.. when all's said and done, it's all part of the 'political noise'..
As China did last week, so Vlad has done this..
Russia and Libia have both been mentioned when a resumption of the 'cold war'..noteably by the American Secretary of the State.. Condalessa.. that Vlad was 'stuck in the cold war era'..
Exceedingly diplomatic, that, one would think..
But the trade restrictions that would ensue in such a situation would set the balance of the world economy on it's ear..
Call it a 'restructuring'.. or a 'revolution'.. the former USSR is changing..
But there are those who with very little persuasion, return to the 'old'ways'.. within their separate countries.. and instead of being vassal states to Russia, would become economic partners..
Then.. George gets a fish in the face, with a judge tossing out two cases being pressed against detainees at Gitmo.. the Judiciary Ruling was that the '..military has not presented enough evidence to link these two men with terrorist activities..'
Casts doubt on Georges tolerance of such a blatent and politically stupid breach of basic American Civil Rights.. doubts on the methods of his 'War On Terror'.. the the effectiveness of the intelligence being fed those in power..
But George is leaving anyway, and his mistakes will go with him. The cleanup effort will needs be drastic on all fronts.. but it will be George who'll carry this mark, against his name, in history.
So.. while embarassing, and in need of immediate attention.. this can be spun away..
And, we have one of leaders of al Fatah.. the Palistinian rebel group.. saying the fight against the elected government will escallate..
You'll recall a couple of days ago this same man, Abu Huiera, said that his people would fight on 'to their last drop of blood'..
His group is ready to take their battle to yet another refugee camp.. this time a larger one, near Sidon..
We will soon be hearing of further civilian deaths in intense gunfights, again in an area chosen by the 'rebels'.. not the residents..
One wonders how the body count in these intramural squabbles, compares with that of the Israeli's.. factoring in the length of time the relative conflicts have been going on..
And just perhaps to take some of the Guantanamo Bay debacle.. Condaleesa has decided to attack Venezuelan President Hugao Chavez.. for refusing to renew the license of an 'opposition' television station..basically she said the closure of Radio Caracas TV (RCTV) was "undemocratic" and called for the Organization of American States to investigate.
Hugo has basically told Condalessa to 'mind her own business..'
Or words to that effect..
But the picture that seems to emerge, considering events of the past couple of weeks.. is that the EU, and Britain, are preparing for some diplomatic problems with the Kremlin, as Vlad tries to slow the Westernisation of his country, and the diminishing values of 'marxism' by signing energy deals with African and Eastern European States..
That the US will continue as it is in the Middle East until there's a change in administration, and will cultivate it's own allies in South America.. denigrating those who accepted with open arms Iranian President Ahmadenejad and supporting those who have declared themselves to be 'allies'..
That there will be a proper adjustment in both the stock markets and the values of international currency, for China will certainly devalue it's yuan, when it's to China's advantage..
And the Middle East..
Well one can only hope that George's advisors have got it right, and there remains enough time to carry out their stabalisation plans..
Seems to be though.. this week, some lines have been drawn..

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