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Tuesday, June 05, 2007

One more brief note for the moment..
American authorities have uncovered a plot to overthrow the Laotian Government, and has arrested 9 people alleged to be involved in the plot..
Among those arrested is former Laotian General Gen Van Pow.. a man the CIA backed the Communist guerillas before their seized power back in 1975.. He, and the other eight, emmigrated to the US in the 1970's.. after their cause was lost..
The plan hatched by these members of the ethnic Hmong group did involve large numbers of civilian casualities.. the blowing up of government buildings and such..
32 years ago.. the CIA was funding this very man, to bring about this very goal.. that being the downfall of the Communist Government.. It is still the Lao Peoples Democratic Republic.. a socialist state..
One must ponder whether this is simply another abandoned American covert war against Communism.. a paradox that those who once fought 'for the cause' are now facing prison for continuing to do so..
Or whether the US simply cannot afford to be linked with another coup attempt.. something that might be spun by another government to possible CIA links to another insurrection.. and the accusation that the US is 'either funding or condoning what could easily be construed as terrorism'..
Or.. consider that despite Laos being of the poorest countries of the world, with 70% of the workforce producing subsistance agriculture.. it's economy grew at 7.5% last year.. 35th in world rankings..
Consider also, that China is the most likely of countries to be developing Laotian ties, and at this point..
The US would not like to be linked to any violent overthrows anywhere in the Far East, with the possible exception of North Korea.. Not right now.
Interesting though..
Once a valued ally.. now a criminal..
It's a disposable society..

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