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Thursday, June 22, 2006

An interesting note here.
The virtually jobless Deputy Prime Minister, Gordon Brown, was the man chosen to re-afirm Britains maintenance of it's nuclear capabilities. There will be vast sums spent on refurbishing and modernising the British Trident submarine fleet.. it being our main platrorm for nuclear strikes..
Seems we, along with all the other nuclear powers, want to keep just a couple in working condition.
One can never tell..
It is odd though, that Gordon was chosen to deliver the message. He is an out and out Europhile, and the Unions position on nuclear arms is that they should be universally disarmed..
Kind of rules him out as any sort of serious candidacy for occupancy of No.10, or No.11, should the Labour Party manage to get past the Mulroney-jawed David Cameron.
Tempus fugit..

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