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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Pressure is building on Hammas.. and in far more many ways than one..
Israeli forces have destroyed the Gaza's only electrical plant. They have destroyed several key bridges in an attempt to stop the Palistinians from moving their Israeli prisoner. Israeli fighter planes have even buzzed the summer home of the Sudan's President, which, not surprisingly, has annoyed the Sudanese..
This has all the makings of yet another all-out conflict in the Middle East. One finds it somewhat surprising there has been little in the way of response from Egypt, but that, one suspects, would not be far off..
A non sequitur here. With the impending end of George's tenure at the White House, Republicans will soon be looking for a replacement. It might be considered that Condaleesa Rice might be ripe to be the first woman in the role, as well as the first of black heritage. Such a move would be disasterous. Even if she was to run as the candidate for Vice-President, it would leave what might be considered an unstable person one step away from total control.
While it might seem to be a move that would draw votes to a flagging Republican Party, it would, in terms of political machination, be a terrible mistake.
The US has enough problems at home to deal with, and what it needs at this point, be it from the Republicans or the Democrats, is a leader who will maintain marginal presence in areas of global conflict, but who will concentrate on domestic issues.
We will have to wait and see. Those who truely have their hands on the strings of the marionettes will make their purpose known at their leasure, and we plebians will have no other choice but to wait, and see.

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