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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The BBC itself has started an 'Editors Blog', one which has in today's, and will in the future, give the faithful reader an insight into the minds that make the decisions as to what we will hear, or watch on television.
This is a phenomina, this blogging..
Some of us have been using it for years to explain that which we do on a daily basis, that is analise, and prognosticate on generalities or specifics we have noticed throughout the news of the world. Some of us have been using it as an emotional release, an unburdening, a mental enema so to speak. Some have used this medium as a platform, to preach their own particular tenets and beliefs.
But, and this is imperative, it all depends on who, and how many, read these daily or weekly or sporadic entries. Figures show these personal slices of daily life are becoming more and more popular.. one woman who found herelf unemployed and living in a car, parking it in and about London, had thousands of people a day logging on to appreciate her particular view on this world. She used public libraries to access the net, and was as faithful as possible in making her cry for help a daily message. One says 'a cry for help', yet others would say this particular journal was more a perspective shared by more than any of us could have possibly imagined..
We are in a different world, wherein each of us has a voice. Would more used it, and even more ingested that which is written.

Now, David Cameron has raised some eyebrows both in his Party, and in the Opposition benches, by presenting a plan for a British Bill Of Rights, similar to that enjoyed by the citizens of the United States. This poses a problem, for there already exists a European Bill of Human Rights, and having one of our own might well lead to conflict between Brussels and Westminster.
Good on him.
Every country should devise it's own definition of what a citizen is entitled to, each according to their particular resources and their particular preferred form of government.
Not to say we all want to be Americans, far from it. But, Rights, legal Rights, should be defined clearly by each separate government in this world of ours.
And it should be the business of each of those governments to come to their own decisions as to the limits and boundaries of it's citizens.
Examine the US. While they are allowed jurisprudence, they allow such institutions as Guantanimo Bay, in the 'interests of national security'. They allow departments the likes of the Homeland Security to do as they will in essence. They allow the confiscation of property, without proof of complicity in any crime, simply on suspicion. Now these extreme measures do not have any effect on most of the populace, but it certainly has on some.
Yet there is a 'Bill Of Human Rights' which dates back to 1778.
One would hope David Camerons plans will be somewhat less draconian, but what they hey, we live in a 'democracy'. We trust our politicians.
Sometimes it would be pleasant to see things the same way politicians usually do, but it's regretfull there's not room enough for both our collective heads up their collective backsides.

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