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Thursday, June 22, 2006

This entry should be dated Monday, the 26th of June.. It has been published out of sequence.
An interesting comment today from the former Home Secretary, Charles Clarke..
He told reporters Tony had made a bad decision in sacking him, and that his successor, John Reid, is wrong in saying the Home Office is "not fir for Purpose", while warning him not to jump on any media bandwagons.
Now the interesting point. Mr. Clarke says he will not take responsibility for all subsequent Home Office crises.
What crises might Mr. Clarke be alluding to, and what information has he that has not yet been made public?
Now this might be thought to be the rantings of a politician out of favour, about to be out of a job entirely. But one must pause, for unless Clarke has gone stark raving bonkers, he would not issue a statement that casts such a shadow on Tony, on current government policy, or on what be going on behind the scenes of the elaborate political play the public is meant to watch.
One would suggest there is much being with-held, and there are still many 'dark actors' in this scenario.
Mr Clarke also appeared scathing about Mr Reid's decision to consider introducing a Megan's Law system for dealing with sex offenders in the UK, following the News of the World campaign.
He said if that decision had been influenced by the paper's campaign "then I would criticise it".
"I don't think that's the right thing to do ... The home secretary of the day should not simply be running on the band wagon of some particular media campaign."
He also says he regrets Mr Reid's decision to delay his carefully structured plans for police mergers.
"I think it's wrong to delay it. I think we've got a timetable which was the right thing to do and I don't agree with his decision in that area."

It's always interesting, the pieces of the puzzle that are revealed by a politician who's been gut-punched, and discarded. Especially when it happens here, in the West.
We might expect such from a Balkan State, or the Middle East, but in Britain/USA/Canada?
Doesn't happen often.. and it should be taken note of.

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