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Thursday, April 27, 2006

Interesting to note, that the new, infllexible non-smoking laws may yet me ammended to allow actors to puff away while on stage, thus providing god knows what danger to those sitting in the front seats..
This issue came to the fore when the Actors Guild complained this new law would seriously affect the portrayal of such characters as the cigar-puffing Winston Churchill, or Patsy Stone when playing in a production of 'Absolutely Fabulous'... Our Public Health Minister, Caroline Flint, is writing to the industry concerning this exemption, and what is exceedingly interesting is, a spokesman for 'Action On Smoking and Health' says his group would not oppose such leniency..
One wonders when pubs will start presenting Panto's, involving all paying customers in the cast..
Tony's woes continue..
The media is not being kind to himself and his Party, and persists in reporting on the row over the NHS..The escape of those nasty unwanted immigrants.. John Prescott admitting he's had an affair.. and of course the ubiquitous problem of Gordon Brown taking the reins when Tony steps down..
The vississitudes of political life, especially when one's is coming to an end..
To any normal mortal, it would be daunting indeed..

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