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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

It's come to light that China has been harvesting the organs of executed prisoners for transplant purposes, apparently at a rate of thousands per year..
Now this would suggest two things; one, that the Chinese do not have the moral qualms we suffer from in the West concerning the 'sanctity of life', and are willing and able to condemn those who breach societal rules to death, and two, that they have the foresight to use those cadavers to aid those in dire need.
The apparent boggle, at least from the British Transplantation Society, is that these organs are being taken 'without consent'.
That begs the question: Do those who are executed for a crime acually have any rights? After all, once the bullet passes through the brain, and you're left with a corpse and nothing else, do ethics come into play concerning the disposal of that body?
Personally, if it were a case of a child or a loved one, or even one's self who was dying for the lack of an organ or two, it would be a welcome announcement that replacements were available.
Perhaps selling the organs would become an ethical point, but if they're given to those in need on such as the NHS, it would no no-one any harm, and certainly do good for those on endless lists..
On the home front, David Cameron, perhaps soon to be merely David after the next elections, has been branded a chameleon after a speech which claimed the Tories would try to change Britain into a more ecologically aware state..
The Conservative leader, s do many on this island these days, scoffed at Labour's attack, and brand Tony's men as far far behind the times.
Record floods in Europe you say? The Dandube flooding as far south as the Ukraine you say?
It seems Labour would all wish us to put the pot on the hob, and have a nice cup of tea.

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