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Sunday, April 16, 2006

It would almost be enough to make one despair, if one wasn't prepared for it all..
Britain on the verge of 'eating the world' so to speak, meaning this island has used almost all of it's own combustibles.. the continued presence of occupying forces in the Middle East utterly bewildered at the fact democracy hasn't blossomed.. the civil war (let's not mince words here) in Iraq with Iran egging it's former enemies to continue to slaughter themselves, along with the announcement the afformentioned country has itself produced the enriched uranium needed to build atomic weapons.. the Pentagon and the White House still red-faced over the discovery of plans to nuke Iran if the above scenario took place.. and Iran's donation to Hammas, bolstering their political 'war chest' in the fight for a free Palestine.. Even the Copts and Muslim communites in Egypt have been at each other for the past three days.. two thousand riot police in front of a church in Alexandria, as some 200 Copts charged out to face Islam with crosses, clubs, and machetes..
Add to this the fact that Europe is in utter chaos..France periodically in flames and riots.. Italy without a firm leadership.. Germany still struggling to clear the debt incurred when the country was re-unified..
And of course.. the Western leaders the likes of Tony and George will be gone soon, leaving a huge power vacuum..
And of course, the fact the earth itself is evolving, either to cope with us.. protect itself from us.. or in a natural sequence.. choose the theory which suits you best, the facts remain.
Of course they exist, but in this particular world we've created, it would take a miracle to effect any of them.
Or a global war..

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