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Sunday, April 09, 2006

A note here concerning internet chat..
Now it's been a while since one had occasion to take part in any discussions on the Net.. but it could be said 'plus que change, plus que le meme chose'.. Inanities abound, perhaps to an even greater degree than observed some three years ago. The lack of intelligent active forums is a gap which should be filled by some server or another.. Not all who logon are there to spend their time sifting through the tripe for the occasional gem.. The Net has deteriorated, perhaps due to overcompensation on the part of those who offer chat facilities, and that is a crying shame indeed..
As for the world in general, and the overview of ongoing politics, little has effectivly changed since 2003..
We do have a new leader for both the Conservatives and the NibDems in the UK.. David Cameron may well turn the Tories around, and give that Party a chance in thenext elections..but change is slow to effect, and the voters will know this. One would expect a loss of ground for the Conservatives in the next Council Elections, and perhaps a slight gain for the LibDems.. Sir Menzies (pronounced 'Ming') Campbell has taken the reins from the hapless Charlie Kennedy, but Ming's age is in itself an obstacle to his becoming PM..
There's little doubt that Tony will step down before his term of office has expired, and it will be Gordon Brown leading the Labour Party in the next plebiscite.. and that alone might be enough to leave Labour out in the cold..
A slight digression here.. but doesn't David Cameron remind you of Brian Mulroney..?
The US and Britain continue to fumble with another foreign culture in Iraq.. what should have been a fast and easy deposition has turned into a full-time occupation..
One has to smile as Iraqi's vent their displeasure at Egyptian President Hosni Mubarek's statement that Iraq itself is in a state of civil war. Hosni's simply stating the obvious, with Shi'ite and Shia blowing each other up by the score, each in turn..
It might well be time that George puts words into action, and begins the process of weaning the US, and therefor the rest of the West, from this 'addiction to oil'.. Alternatives are available, and rather than restricting the freedoms of the individual in Western Block countries, perhaps legislation should be concentrated on changing the way the Western man on the street feels towards his car, or truck, or whatever else might run on petrol.
The signs of our indifference are manifest, in the drought facing the British Isles, the massive flooding on the Continent, the disappearance of the polar icecaps and the diminution of glacial presence throughout the world..
It may well be that we are caught in a perfectly natural sequence of climate change, but it cannot be denied we're contributing to the rapidity of climate change.
Odds are though, considering the clout of lobbies in all governments committed to the status quo, that we'll see no action until there is a drastic, cataclysmic alteration of that which we have come to think of as normal. Such as a shift in the Gulf Stream, or the stratospheric wind currents..
It may well take the disappearance of Florida, the Eastern Seaboard of North America, and the lowlands of Europe, before anyone decides those elected need to commit themselves to our preservation.
Well just have to wait.. and watch.. and keep a fixed smile firmly in place when governments make promises..
We've little other choice..

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