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Sunday, April 09, 2006

Part The First.

There have been times when all of us, regardless of age or gender, has questioned the "why’s and wherefor’s" of everyday existence.
The question of what we are doing here, while we putter through out quotidian lives, is fundamentally a good one, for it bespeaks a questioning mind, and an unsatisfied curiosity.
It’s an issue that should be pondered seriously, for the answer can define one’s patterns of behaviour throughout one’s entire life.
When addressing the issue of faith, one is constantly being drawn into a position wherein the argument will falter, for it becomes an entirely subjective matter. That which one person believes need not be anything close to that which another does.
In fact, when examining shared faiths, one can see the point at which the true ‘undefined’ belief in the deity begins to be replaced by assumptions, interpretations, and extrapolations. When two or more people agree they have the Truth, it then becomes something for them to define, and categorise. They must face compromise, and temper that which was original for the sake of expedience. Their need to share their faith, becomes more important than the faith itself, or the deity which is underlying.
Religious faith has always been a tool of a political force, and it is through man’s fear of the impending void that is death, that the wise are made foolish, and devils, saints.
It is interesting that many religions draw the emotion of ‘love’ into the equation. While it can be easily understood, the inevitable anthropomorphism of our gods renders them something less than omnipotent, and ascribing to a god the human emotions, leaves the believer in a logical cleft stick.
Is the god omnipotent, and without emotion, or is the god contradictory; all-powerful while still a slave to intangible feelings.
This ‘concern’ a god feels for his (or indeed her) creations could be seen as nothing more than an encapsulation of the eternal ‘parent figure’, the benevolent father, or all-caring mother, who will always, throughout time, be there, a source of comfort and forgiveness.
At least, for those who subscribe to a particular dogma or creed in which this genus of deity figures prominently.

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