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Monday, April 17, 2006

Interesting to note..
A recent poll indicates that up to as many of 25% of voters are seriously thinking of vasting their ballots for the B.N.P., our own version of the Nazi Party..
Now perhaps one is being too harsh in it's association, the British National Party hasn't it's version of Brownshirts panting for a UK Kristalnacht, but it is aimed at keeping Britain British..whatever that means to the rest of us, to the BNP it means racial purity, and the exclusion of immigrants..
This swing by those with a vote is hardly contained within the UK.. it's worldwide, and is spreading.. Exclusionism is being expressed by the populations of most countries these days, and all that holds us together is the need for mutual trade..
Economics, while perhaps the cause of all this nonsense in the first place, may well be the only cement holding us back from shutting borders completely..
Other than for, of course, tourists..
Pathetic, is what we are..

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