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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Civilians have started to die in Lebanon.. Israel has now bombed the Lebanese/Syrian crossing infrastructure.. and what started out as a rescue mission for 2, then 6 soldiers has escallated, in a matter of days, into a full-scale military operation bent on destroying Hezbollah.
There are Iranian officers on the ground in Lebanon, coordinating Hezollah missle strikes into Israel.. an Israeli gunboat has been blown out of the water by a surface-to-sea missile aimed by Hezbollah..
Damn, these folks know how to start a war.
And one fact one can depend on, is that nothing is a singular movement, a singular decision, bar those of Israel. This will soon be, one one level or many, a total Arab/Israeli confrontation, with the intent on the destruction of the State of Israel. It may be al Q'aida.. or Hezbollah.. or Taliban fighters who actually pull the triggers, but the organisation will be coordinated by Arab consensus.
One has to wonder, how important to Vlad is membership in the World Trade Organisation?
How important will it be, when China decides to push forward, that anything remains of the current infrastructure in the Middle East.
The West is driven hard by the potential losses in hard materiel, but even that can be recouped with a few government subsidies..
Kubrick might just have been mistaken in one aspect only. That of location.

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