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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

North Korea has tested a couple of long-range missiles. One has an efective ragne that would alow it to deliver a payload as far as Japan, Afghanistan, India..
The second, which by the way failed to launch successfully, could have reached Europe, and Alaska..
George's reaction was nothing more than the affirmation that the Western mind should either be kept in the dark concerning the feelings of the North Korean man on the street, or, Gods forbid, our analysts are ignoring that they are not the same as us.
North Korea has a failing econonomy. Compared to the lifestyles we lead, they're poverty-striken. But they don't see it that wway..
They see themselves working for a future, not for themselves or their children, but for their grandchildren. They do not cosider what we would see as privation as something to be worried about. They eat. They work. THey sleep. And their kids go to school and learn.
One can only hope that George is putting his stupid-face, to reassure an at best, disinterested American public.
The alternative is, that George has no contingency plan for the North Koreans.. has nothing in the works to help allied nations, the likes of Japan, India, and to some extent Pakistan.
Say it ain't so, Joe..

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