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Saturday, July 15, 2006

It's to be 'war on every level' according to Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah..
And 4 more Israeli soldiers have gone missing.. ostensibly into Lebanon..
and Meanwhile, back at the ranch on the eve of the G8 meetings, Vlad and George with their respective wives have a 'quiet, private, dinner'. It is to be a given that part of the private talks George and Vlad will have before the other leaders arrive, will mention George's hopes the Russian State will stay on track, leading to a 'democratic form' of government..
But if one could be a fly on the wall..
Bet there have been negotiations on oil exports from Russian resources to American storage tanks, and what price a barrel of Balkan Crude will cost..
There will doubtless be some time spent on what advantages there might be for the Russian economy if there were better relations between the two countries, a legacy which might be forged before George leaves the White House..
The issue of who backs who in the Middle East will certainly come to the attention of the two leaders.. should Israel be allowed to continue it's war on terror, and worm out Hezbollah from it's hidey-holes in Lebanon, and to what advantage it would be for the West to allow the Lebanese standard of living slip back more than twenty years..
Will it be to either's advantage to watch the Middle East dissolve into outright hostilities right across the board, while the US and Britain still maintain boots on the ground in Iraq..
Much to be talked over during the next few days with the leaders of the G8.. but it seems there were some details to be ironed out before the others arrived..
We will see, over these next few days, as this Summit continues, what becomes the most prominent problem discussed.
Certainly, and on more levels than the obvious.

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