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Friday, July 28, 2006

Now the ball really starts rolling.
Both Tony and George have met, and are demanding an international 'peace force' be sent into Lebanon, to end this Israeli/Hezbollah fracas. This means that all those countries who will involve themselves must, by proxy, align themselves with the Israeli cause, and must define Hezbollah as terrorists. This will allow Israel to quietly step aside, as the West and it's allies take over the job of continuing the 'war on terror', and this, without a doubt, is what the US and Britain wanted from the getgo.
What is still of lingering concern, is the role assigned to Condaleezza Rice. As Secretary of State, she is meant to deal with problems such as international diplomacy, but her presence in this area at this time can lead one to only one conclusion, that she will be on the next Republican ticket, and with all due respect for Dr. Rice, she's a tyro, and a dangerous one at that.
We are being prepared for a shift in leaderships with this issue in the Middle East. Prepped for a change, and both Labour and the Republicans want fervently to be seen as 'arbitrators and peacemakers', in a world that is becoming more and more paranoid concerning terrism, and terrorists.
Perhaps the worst action al Q'aeda could have taken was the destruction of the World Trade Center, for it brought fear home to the couchbound American. The same could be said for the London bombings, for it did the same, to a lesser degree, to the British.
The art of terrorism is an ancient one, and to hand the ideals and the weapons to such volotile people as fundamentalist Muslims, could be greatly regretted.

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