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Friday, July 14, 2006

Now the fun's really under way..!
Israel's attacking 'Hezbollah' in Leabonon, which has Syrian backing.. and is continuing it's movement back into the Gaza.. as was undoubtedly the plan in the first place..
Georges dark-room boys must be just wringing their hands wirth delight..
Same applies in Tony's area of influence..
What this has demonstrated to even the most dense of us, is that one incident, two in this case, carried out by a tiny contingent of absolutely dedicated men and women, can move armies.
Two kidnappings, and a couple of strikes by missiles in the Northern Israeli port city of Haifa, has mobilised all the forces, ar a few of course, available to Israel.
If one was watching the wick that spark mentioned a week or so ago ignited, it would be about half-way down to the muzzle.
What a conflagration we could be facing. What a different way of life.

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