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Thursday, July 20, 2006

The UN Security Council is about to sit, is what would appear to be a pro forma session.. The subject under discussion, of course, is the crisis in the Middle East, but as Condaleesa Rice has said, the meeting will be of little use unless there is a chance of 'lasting resolution' of the current problems.
Plain language: Israel can do as it wishes with the blessing of the US, as long as Hezbollah continues to exist.
This American 'war or terrorism' will allow itself and it's allies to carry out any and all actions necissary to crush this Muslim threat, and that will be made plain in this upcoming meeting.
As it stands, thousands of Britons are evacuating Beruit, which is, even to the blindest, an indication this offensive is not about to come to a quick end.
One must wonder when the stakes will rise, when dirty bombs will be set off, when escallation will reach a point of no return.
More as this develops.

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