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Saturday, October 14, 2006

A disturbing sociological trend in these British Isles has prompted the government to invest £4 million to televise ads aimed at 18 to 24 year olds, about the dangers of 'binge drinking'..
But one has to wonder, whether seeing clips od young people vomiting on themselves, starting pointless fights, anding up in police custody, will really make much of an impact on the problem..
It seems there is, among a significant proportion of British youth, a sense of pointlessness, of directionless everyday existence.
Now, drinking las long been an integral part of British social life, and has always, to some extent, been a problem..
But these days, there is a sub-culture, of a young demographic who are either in poor paying jobs, or entirely unemployed and on State Benefits, who fi d that their working, or trying to find work, is made bearable only by the prospect of losing themselves in recreational drugs or alcohol, or a combination of both. There is a distinct lack of 'pride' in their work, and a subsequent reluctance to find a job..
And it seems we're seeing a repeat of the cycle last evident at the end of the Second World War, wherein those who have achieved qualifications, are leaving the country for more lucrative employment in North America. This, in itself, is a reflection to those who have no skill to export, of the 'trapped' scenario.. and thus.. the drive to escape the quotidien slog by a cathartic release on the weekend..
Itr's difficult to find any particular person or institution to point a finger at.. to lay blame at the feet of..
It's a phenominon that has been evolving for decades..
It would seem that perhaps one solution would be to re-introduce an older form of educational standards, wherein it was determined in lower schools what each individual student's capabilities might be, and guidance offered to steer them towards a realistic goal.. a skill they can excell in.. It might be best to reverse our position, that 'anyone can achieve a higher education, and deserves a place in University'..
A return to the apprentice system, and a re-instilling of that elusive 'pride' element, would give those who are currently square pegs being forced into round holes, to realize they have worth, without having to struggle for a Degree they will never be able to complete..
It might be better if the £4 planned for advertising against over-indulgence.. was used to build and staff a technical school.. one which could properly train tradesmen.. offer those among the great bewildered an option which currently is not available..
Give people a sense of pride, and there's far less a chance they'll take any oportunity to escape their mundane existence.

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