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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Just a comment on the speech delivered by George Osborne, the Shadow Chancellor, at the Tory Conference this morning.
He seems to have followed the format outlined in this blog when it comes to taxes.. explaining that while he would like to promise lower taxes, it's an impossibility to lay out a budget for 2009 in 2006.. He did say he would plan on increasing taxes on industries which produce polution.. that he would like to say there would be lower taxes for the poorer sectors, but indeed that would depend on the economy he inherits..
He produced an impression of youthfull hopefulness, stressing that he is not of the generation that fought the Second World War, nor of that which went through the supression of Socialism, but is of the generation that sees and accepts the current problems this country faces. His attitude is, that these problems can and will be faced by an Exchequer that is not mired in the past, but is looking towards the future.
All in all, a better showing than that from Gordon Brown..

Yet another young Amish girl has died as a result of yesterday's attack in Paradise Pennsylvania..
Those of the Amish Community see the attack as 'evil'..
One can only concurr.

One more brief note on legislation passed by our Parliament.. that would allow muggers, and those who assault police officers, to be issued 'on-the-spot £100 fines, the equivalent of a traffic ticket..
How our Judiciary can be so obtuse is beyond imagination, to expect results from such a law..
The majority if not the ttality of those who steal, are motivated by drug habits, and to expect them to come up with £100 to pay such a fine, in fact to have them pay any attention to such, is naive at best, downright stupid at worst..
What are our legislators thinking?

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